Welcome to our Classroom! This is my first offering, but by no means my last. Please have a look at the menu and click “See More” under the picture to get started. Am looking forward to taking this journey with you!!


How To Sell Your Art (Or Anything) Online

Imagine sitting down with me for a weekend workshop where we purposefully play, dance, and, yes, dive deep into how the Social Web works and how to work with it to build a vibrant, successful brand: You'll be receiving: * 46 Hours of Video, including a few unchoreographed dance numbers... * Over 4.5 hours of course content, including free style dance breaks * 9 Lovingly customized meditations to save you TIME * 7 Action Checklist Downloads to streamline your brand building My one-of-a-kind course takes you through a hero's journey for each of the steps that it takes to become a powerful influencer in today dynamic climate. If you're ready to launch your business into 2018 with an exciting, inspired, and refreshing start, sign up now and receive lifetime access.

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