Have FUN, Effective Marketing in time for the 2020 decade!

 Are you a woman longing to share your Healing Arts to a much wider audience online? 

If so, goodness knows the world needs your ideas right now!

This course has everything you need to get your ideas out there in a powerful, influential way with the very people who will resonate with your particular kind of awesome. 


You will be getting the BEST on:

* Authentic Branding

* Rising To The Top On Google

* Digital Copywriting

* The LIberating Art of Blogging

* Social Media as an Energetic Medium (SO powerful for you holistic healers out there!)

* Planning Your eCommerce

* Magnetizing Community That Just “Gets” and Loves You

In my highly acclaimed course you will be receiving:

“Does social media feel overwhelming? You need Lori Randall Stradtman. She wrote on of the first books about how to be successfully online and hasn’t stopped since. One-on-one strategy time with Lori is amazing. Lori knows how to identify what’s going to work for you – and create a plan to make it easy to do! Lori a gem for any creative person who wants to grow their profitable online business reputation.”

Cynthia D’Amour MBA | PeoplePowerUnlimited.com

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46 Amazing Videos

7 Detailed Action Checklists 

And my personal feedback on your questions. I’m in this WITH you!


Hi! I'm Lori.

Lori Randall Stradtman has a 2008 degree in Communications from UGA, researched and wrote Online Reputation Management For Dummies (Wiley Press), works globally, has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, radio, and podcast shows. She loves showing people how to alchemize their scary, “weird” history into a powerful, unique voice for what they’re doing right now. 

I’ve personally helped hundreds of small business owners to discover their most unique, powerful influence, often intuiting subtle or surprising shifts that dramatically unlock their potential.

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46 Amazing Videos

7 Detailed Action Checklists 

And my personal feedback on your questions. I’m in this WITH you!

In Winter the lone wolf dies. Only the pack survives.”   Sansa Stark  😉

Frequently Asked Questions


How much experience do I need to take this course?

This course is great for people at all levels of expertise because it pulls together everything you need to know into a system that works – and is wonderful to use with a group of friends!

Is there anything fun to spice up this course?

This positive, dynamic, FUN course I’ve created for you includes colorful pictures, encouraging mythic stories, helpful meditations, and songs to “shake your tailfeathers off,” in addition to systematic, straight up social media, blogging, and eCommerce.

How soon can I join your private Facebook group – the Magnetic Marketing Family?

Immediately! Just send me a request to join at [email protected]

After working with hundreds of people I’ve discovered that the biggest problem people face is being paralyzed with fear of doing it badly and fear of doing it alone. Procrastination and feeling defeated result, if not quitting on an inspired idea altogether. So I’m eager for you to meet people and share your journey as soon as possible.

I’ve looked at marketing guides and videos. What’s different? 

My system is utterly unique because we combine heart and head (emotional breakthroughs with a solid, practical foundation), resulting in a system you’re eager to play with and it just WORKS!

What if this isn’t for me?

Then I refund your money up to a YEAR later, no problem!


“I have been particularly fortunate in having the opportunity to collaborate with Lori Randall Stradtman on a number of occasions since 2007. Lori is an inspiring and patient teacher, and a leading light in the digital marketing world. She is generous with her knowledge, talent, and creative thinking, and is also delightfully pragmatic, down-to-earth and wise. I wholeheartedly recommend her..”

Vicki Jeffels | Digital-Discussions.com

Begin NOW to make your online dreams come true

46 Amazing Videos

7 Detailed Action Checklists 

And my personal feedback on your questions. I’m in this WITH you!

Your investment right now?

100% Money Back Guarantee For A Year

You have nothing to lose except time, energy, and missed opportunities!

Let’s do this together

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