Topic Progress:

Let’s take a look at Google and see how your name comes up when other people search for you:


Open an incognito browser window so that your Google search is free from any personal customizations or saved search elements.

Now search for:

  • Your name, first and last
  • Variations of your name
  • Your full name, nickname, middle name, etc.
  • Any misspellings of your name
  • If your name is common, add other elements that might help define you like your occupation, your employer, your school, etc.

Extra Credit: Check out what others similar to you are doing already.

For example:

It’s their “branded” terms (or  “PropWords“—proprietary keywords):

  • Name
  • Separate pages for branded works
  • Buying branded works

So this is where it all comes together for us. SEO and branding together create the experience your people are having when they search for you.

Branding has a lot to do with Copywriting, also, which we will be covering in an upcoming lesson.



Lori Randall