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Let’s take a deeper look at your branding today.

Please be sure you’ve done the domain name and “Hey Google! How Do I Look?” branding exercises before you begin.

They’ll help you now and save you a LOT of time and energy in the future.

MacBook Pro 13_ - Opened (+)1) Purchase your domain name. I suggest using your own name. It will grow with you and it protects you from somebody else using your name. It’s usually an easy decision, which helps.

( is my
favorite domain registrar, though your hosting company will probably offer you a sweet deal if you combine a domain registry and site hosting option.)

2) Choose your 3 favorite social media networks. Decide on ones that fit with your brand that you enjoy. Which ones did you pick? Create your Pinterest Branding Board to create your collection of images that resonate with you and speak to your intention. I like to keep mine on “Secret,” because this is creative gestation, not ready to
share with the world. You may prefer to share and play with others around this. Just know it’s an option for you.

3) Shop around on Creative Market, Dreamstime, Creative Commons, your own pictures, or anywhere else for images that appeal to you.
The sky’s the limit.

4) Finalize your gorgeous, mysterious, sassy, or serene mood/branding board. Always go with what feels good and makes sense for you.

5) Ask around for people to hire in case you decide you prefer to delegate this so you can focus more on what you enjoy. I love graphic design, so I do it myself, but I hire an accountant.

6) Decide now. What activities will you be taking on and which ones will you hire out?


Download the checklist here:


Lori Randall